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Council Asks Voters To Consider Local Park And Stormwater Control Sales Tax

The sales tax for the parks and stormwater was passed in April of 2017 which the city started receiving funds in the same year October 2017.

It is set to expire September 30th of 2022.

This is why the city council has voted unanimously to ask the voters of Holden to consider re-upping the Local Park and stormwater control sales tax.

When looking at the revised statutes of the state of Missouri chapter 644.033. sales tax is to be deposited in a local parks and stormwater control sales tax fund.

These funds are to be in a separate accounts away from other City funds so they cannot be commingled with any other funds received from the state.

Expenditures may be made from the fund for any stormwater control or local park functions authorized in the ordinance or by order adopted by the governor body submitting the tax to the voters.

The Stormwater Committee had been established before the tax was passed by the citizens of Holden.

Congratulations are to be given to the voters of Holden for taking the responsibility in helping the city have a dedicated funding source for the maintaining and upgrading of the minimal stormwater control we have in place.

To have effective stormwater control City streets need to have ditches for stormwater control.

Properly sized culverts which carry the water away from the road, keep the rain fall water known as stormwater contained so it cannot damage the roads, but so it can not also damage personal property.

One of the items that was secured with these taxes was purchase of 20 acres on the south end of the city park along 58 Highway (10th street), 14th Street on the south, and between Clay Street on the East and the back of the properties along Main Street on the West.

The property was surveyed at a cost of approximately $3,400, paid for with stormwater tax.

The purchase of the property along with all the legal-administrative fees associated was about $91,000.


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