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Mayor Offers Explanation of Council Communication

In an effort to get all of the facts to the citizens of Holden, Mayor Liz Weeks was asked by the Image to comment on the email she forwarded to all council members, regarding an act of nepotism allegedly committed by Councilman Ray Briscoe.

The incident allegedly occurred last year, and upon further investigation by the Image, it was determined that Councilman Briscoe was not in attendance at the meeting in which he reportedly committed the act of nepotism.

Following is the Mayor’s response and explanation as to why she sent the group email before confirming if the allegations had any merit in fact. “I was forwarding the information I received, to be transparent with the council,” Weeks said. “I did not file claims or state he (Briscoe) was guilty as was implied by his statement made at the council meeting. “I was following the same procedure and process of sharing citizen and employee concerns and complaints with the council. When a concern/complaint is submitted, it is forwarded to the appropriate departments and/or committee. “No further evidence was found or reported to justify the complaint, which I explained at the (Jan. 11) meeting, as well.”

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