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Mayor Shares Details About Building Purchase

City Council members heard from Mayor Liz Weeks on details surrounding the former bank building purchase, at their regular October meeting.

At the October 12 open meeting, the Mayor said she would like to clear up some of the inaccurate information on the purchase of the Central Bank building that she and others have seen on Facebook and in the newspaper.

She went on to say that the purchase of a new city building had been talked about previously in multiple meetings for several years.

She added that the topic of purchasing a new building was brought up during the April executive session meeting, which is allowed under RSMO 610.012 (2).

Weeks said that during the purchasing process, the reason for the discussion being in executive session was questioned, and the city attorney clarified this for council members.

Mayor Weeks went on to say that in the planning stages (of the building purchase), the City hoped to use the American Recovery Act funds to go toward the payments on lease purchase of the bank building.

She explained to those in attendance that the 15-year lease purchase for $300,000 was also approved in the April executive session by council members.

She added that $250,000 was for the purchase the building and $50,000 was to be used for renovations.

Weeks said that after the April executive session meeting more information was released and the City found that they could not use the (Recovery Act) funds to purchase the property.

Weeks said that by financing the purchase of the building, the City was not dependent on the Recovery Act funds to pay for the building.

In other mayor’s communications, Weeks discussed the success of the Holden Truck & Tractor Pull, held in September. She thanked the sponsors and the following people for participating and making the event possible: Holden Fire Department, Holden Street Department, New Life Fellowship, Jason Gudde, Brad Summers, Council Member Renee Rahe, Council Member Robin Watkins and Councilman Jeremy Knox. “This event is hard work and I appreciate everyone involved for making it one of the best pulls in the area,” the Mayor said.

Mayor Weeks also added that this event does not make the City a large amount of money, but it brings many people to town and the local businesses benefit, plus the pull provides entertainment.

Also in her report, Mayor Weeks acknowledged the Holden Fire Department for participating in the recent event at the Holden football game, where veterans and First Responders were honored.

In other business, Mayor Weeks explained the Use Tax Notice.

She said the Use Tax is for out-of-state vendors, mostly online purchases. She added that this is just a notice stating that this tax is still current.

City Clerk Celeste Malcolm explained that Johnson County has made up a notice so that the City can split the cost of the ad in the newspapers.

The notice must come out in November. A motion was made to use the joint notice with the county and split the cost.

After a second to the motion, all voted in favor. Mayor Weeks read the notice sent from the County Clerk Diane Thompson.

In street department business, discussion was held about the bid for the tar tank and roller.

Mayor Weeks said that last month the representative from N.B. Paving gave a bid of $4,000, but did not realize that the tar tank was not in working condition.

Weeks opened his new bid for the tar tank and read that the new offer was now $1,000.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the $1,000 bid for the tar tank.

All voted to approve, and the motion passed. Weeks went on to say that this same bid stated that the representative offered to purchase the roller for $500.

Street Department Superintendent Ron Heinemann commented that it was a good price and that he would like to use those funds toward the purchase of a new roller.

A motion was made to accept the $500 bid for the roller.

After a second to the motion, all approved, and the motion passed.

Editor’s Note: See related council stories next week for updates on other City business, including committee reports.

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