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Holden Gets Makeover; MoDOT Project Complete

Holden is boasting an all-new look as the MoDOT roadway and sidewalk project was completed last month.

The plans for the mammoth project started back in 2018, with a lot of preparation and communication to get all affected parties on board with the upcoming upheaval that was to come. Actual work began in 2019 and lasted for the better part of two years.

The project encompassed a large area, including 58 Highway, from St. Charles to 2nd St. to 9th St. to Pine, and also 131 Highway, from Olive to 9th St. and all the way to 2nd St.

The work on 2nd St. was the final piece of the project to be completed. There is still some minor work to finish the downtown area, including hand rails for the handicap ramps in front of businesses.

The multi-million dollar project affected all entries to downtown commercial businesses, as well as the approach to every side street and driveway along the route.

During the project, much of Holden’s infrastructure was replaced, including natural gas, telephone system, electrical, drinking water, wastewater, storm water, fiber optics and street lighting.

The scope included everything from 12-feet below the surface to 20-feet above. This is something that was long overdue and desperately needed in Holden.

Above-ground work encompassed light poles, electrical poles, telephone poles, awnings and signage. Underground work included telephone cables, fiber, natural gas mains, water lines and mains, fire hydrants, sewer mains, manholes and downtown electrical distribution.

Properties affected included residential, churches, parking lots and downtown businesses.

The contractors appreciated everyone’s patience during the long project. Also included in the scope of the project was tree removal, management of storm water run-off and lawn restoration.

During the project, Holden was afforded all new ADA-compliant sidewalks, both on 2nd St. and Olive and Pine, and new entryways to downtown businesses.

Rich Shipley, MoDOT area engineer, said of the scope of the project, “The project consisted of converting open ditch drainage along S. Olive (MO 131) and S. Pine (MO 58) from 2nd Street (MO 58) to 9th Street to enclosed curb and gutter drainage.

“Additionally, the east downtown drainage system on 2nd Street was replaced and improved. Sidewalk, ADA and partial/full depth improvements to the pavement were done throughout the limits of the project.”

He added that due to the nature of the work, many of the utilities were replaced or moved. O&M Enterprises, the city’s utility contractor, played a major role in the project, working alongside many other crews to define and replace utilities along the route.

The Chamber of Commerce and the City of Holden worked together to install an all-new downtown lighting grid, light poles and lighting system.
Now, wherever you go, from 2nd St. to 9th St. on both Pine and Olive, you are greeted by new handicap accessible sidewalks, something Holden has never had before.

After much hard work by crews and upheaval in our town for the better part of two years, we have a brand new “facelift” that we can all be proud of and that will serve Holden well for generations to come!

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