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El Paso Supports Holden Foundation

El Paso Awards Foundaton Big Check… El Paso Restaurant held a fundraiser for the Holden School Foundation (HSF) on April 24. Pictured at the Big Check presentation are, left to right, Colby Davidson; Osvaldo; Sally Davidson, HSF president; Migel; Rafael Martinez, owner; Anjelica; Kristy Young, HSF Recording Secretary; and Kyler Davidson. A total of $640 as donated to the Foundation. Photo submitted


On Saturday, April 24, El Paso Restaurant hosted their first fundraiser for the Holden School Foundation.

Rafael Martinez, El Paso owner, has been a generous supporter of the Holden School Foundation over the years, so when Rafael offered to host a fundraiser this year, Sally Davidson, HSF president, took him up on his offer.

A check in the amount of $640 was donated from this fundraiser that will all be used for helping to fund the Fall 2021-22 Teacher Impact Grants (TIG).

A total of $600 was from sales and $40 was from patron’s donations – with the last donation being made as Foundation members were taking the Big Check picture.

The TIG’s are for educational/academic supplies that are above what the Holden School District’s budget can afford.

“It is our hope that with these additional learning tools, student’s differentiated needs will be met, and students will be inspired and enthused in pursuing their learning lessons,” said Davidson.

“It is all about IMPACTING our students with their educational needs and more.”

Foundation Board members Gregg Montgomery, Christy Seiz, Kristy Young and Lisa Stoyko assisted Davidson in welcoming and thanking those who came to eat in support of the event.

“We are very thankful for the generous members of our community who step up to the help the causes, and also for those businesses that have been able to host fundraisers for us,” Davidson continued.

Earlier this month, Yoss Bros. (Caleb Frazier) and 2nd Street Bistro (Alicia Edwards and Yssel Aguilar) each held their 4th successful HSF fundraisers.

These fundraisers benefit not only the Holden School Foundation, but also the businesses.

Jamie Theiman, owner of Jamie’s Place, has been hosting a fundraiser through the schools that is being coordinated by Kyndal Phelps, besides the one for the public held last Friday – all as her first HSF fundraiser.

If you own a business and would like to host a fundraiser for the Foundation, please contact Davidson, or any Foundation Board member.

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