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Council Hears Cruise Night Requests, Roofing Bids

The new administration of the Holden City Council heard a request for a 2nd St. closure at its regular April meeting.

The Holden Chamber of Commerce requested the city close down 2nd St. for its new Cruise Night events that are starting in June.

Chamber Secretary Lynette Zimmer was present at the meeting to explain the Cruise Nights to council.

Zimmer explained that the Chamber is wanting to host a “Cruise Night” on 2nd Street after the MODOT project is finished downtown.
The Chamber is asking for approval from the City Council to block of 2nd Street from South Olive to South Pine, which is also State Highway 58.

Discussion revolved around whether the City had any authority to do that since 2nd St. is also a highway. Zimmer said that she reached out to MoDOT and they stated that they have never had a request like this, even though they close the highway every year for the fair.
Mayor Doyle Weeks said the city found an old letter addressing MoDOT for a similar event and are starting the process for permission, but need the council’s approval first.

Zimmer added that she called Pleasant Hill and Odessa to ask how they do their Cruise Nights, and they close the highway by getting permission from the city.

Councilman Ray Briscoe made a motion to approve the Chamber of Commerce Cruise Night event, After a second to the motion, all voted to approve.

In committee appointment business, Mayor Weeks announced the following appointments: Utilities – Julie Fields and Jim McDaniel; Buildings – Fields and Jeremy Knox; Zoning – Briscoe and Rusty Kephart; Police – Liz Weeks and Renee Rahe; Water – Briscoe; Streets – Robin Watkins and McDaniel; Ways & Means – Watkins and Fields; Fire – Knox and Rahe, Economic Development – McDaniel and Briscoe; Merit Board – Kephart and Weeks; Stormwater – McDaniel, Kephart and Briscoe; City Lake – Rahe and Watkins; Parks – Knox and Weeks.

After discussion, Fields was added back to the street committee and McDaniel was removed from that committee.

In a roofing update, Mayor Weeks opened discussion on the bids for new roofs on the city hall, police dept. and street barn buildings.
Mark Comeau and Dylan Wilcox from Crown Roofing were present to answer any questions.

Mayor Weeks said the city had opened the bids that day, April 13, at 5 p.m. He explained the prices on the other bids that came in, and that he would like to do one roof at a time, starting with city hall.

City Clerk Celeste Malcolm explained that the last bid from Crown Roofing was for all three buildings. Mayor Weeks said that Crown Roofing’s bid of $103,510.24 was correct for city hall only.

It was reported that the deductibles for each building is $1,000. There was further discussion, followed by a motion and a second, to approve the roofing contract with Crown Roofing for $103,510.24.

In permit business, Mayor Weeks read the following liquor consumption permit requests: Headquarters Wine Tasting at Yoss Bros. Grocery May 22, from 12- 6 p.m.; Samantha Schoenberger’s wedding reception, October 23, 2021; and Casie Gudde’s Salon Open House, May 8, from 1-5 p.m.

Council voted to approve all of the requests. Councilman Knox asked if the Malcolm would investigate the ordinance to see if citizens needed to get a liquor consumption permit on their own property.

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