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BPW Hears Smart Meter Update

An update on the new Smart meters was heard at the regular April meeting of the Board of Public Works (BPW), held April 6.

Water Superintendent Tony Lerda told board members that there has been a delay in getting the chips needed for the Smart meters.

He explained that delivery delays have pushed the anticipated delivery schedule to the second week in May.

This date might be adjusted again in the future, depending on shipping difficulties.

He went on to tell board members that it could take up to two to three months to get all of the meters installed once they have been delivered.

In a MoDOT project update, Lerda explained how progress was going up to this point, saying, “Crews are finishing up the west end of downtown and they are working on sidewalks while beginning to tear up the highway. “The overall project has made amazing improvements to the assets of the city, as well as dramatically increasing the level of fire protection available to the town.”

In water system news, Lerda reported everything is going well and it is time for the annual “spring cleaning” jobs.

These include flushing the system, testing the flow, scouring and painting, etc. Lerda and board member Andrew Watkins discussed utilizing some of the old fire hydrants now available since the new ones have been installed, for training exercises for the Holden Fire Department.

In a sewer system update, Lerda told the board that everything is going well with the system.

“The project with the SAGR system has gotten about three-quarters of one cell completed,” he said.

The board was aware that prior freezing temperatures and excessive rain had caused delays for being able to get the trucks back in there to deliver the rubber chips.

Lerda also informed the board that he has located two sites where there are holes in a ditch and rainwater is going down in them.

He said that he believes the holes are from a prior project by an out-of-town company, when new gas lines were installed.

At the time of installation, Lerda believes they bored through service lines.

Those sites will have to be repaired after Lerda thoroughly investigates the situation.

In new business, it was reported Lerda plans to have an outline of the new budget available for the May meeting, with the goal of voting on it by the June meeting.

In SCEAP news, Lerda told the board that the State has officially approved the engineer’s report.

“The project is now in the design phase,” he said. “Once the design is finished, work can begin.”

In other business, the board voted to approve the March minutes; as well as the financial statement, and they voted unanimously to pay the bills.

The regular meeting of the BPW closed, to reopen in May.

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