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BPW Discusses Smart Meters; Welcomes New Member

The Holden Board of Public Works (BPW) discussed new water meters at its regular February 2 meeting.

The new Smart Meters have been ordered and the water department is awaiting delivery.

Water Superintendent Tony Lerda explained the several steps that will have to occur prior to the installation of the new meters. Every customer of the Holden Water Department will receive a new Smart Meter.

Lerda said software will need to be installed and the staff will have to learn how to productively utilize it.

Lerda went on to say, “A strategy will have to be designed for installing the meters to address certain circumstances, such as a meter being located in a basement, or the fact that meters can’t be replaced in frigid conditions.”

He added that once the meters are up and running, the water accountability will be spot-on and it will be great for the customers.

“Customers will have access through a portal that will give them data that is transmitted every 15 seconds,” Lerda continued. “The customer can set up notifications as well.

“For example, if a large amount of gallons of water are going through the meter, the customer can be notified and prevent a leak from becoming an unexpected situation when they receive their monthly billing.”

BPW Chairman Katy Barrett said, “We are waiting for the delivery of the Smart Meters, but don’t have a hard date for delivery.

“Installation will take several months, but since we don’t have a hard arrival date for the meters, installation could begin in the Spring.”

She went on to explain, installation also depends on having warmer weather for working around the meter wells. Meters can freeze up if disturbed during frigid weather.

In new business, Barrett introduced new BPW member, Rob Hough.

Hough is taking the position on the board that was vacated after former member Jason Brown resigned. All welcomed Hough.

In MoDOT Project news, Lerda updated the Board on the progress being made. “Crews are pouring curbs and sidewalks (on 2nd St.),” he said. “The stormwater project is completed and blended with the City’s existing utilities.”

The contractor’s completion goal for the downtown area is May 1, however, Lerda believes it is possible it might be done earlier if weather permits.

In SAGR cap rubber quote news, Lerda explained that the weather has been a factor in moving forward with this.

He added, “Both SAGR systems are cleaned up and part of the rubber has been properly placed. The Street Department has allowed the use of their lot for some of the deliveries of the rubber, so it’s here and ready to be moved.

“It’s just too muddy to get in there and trucks are getting stuck. Once the ground freezes or dries up, the rubber will get transferred and delivered to finish this project.”

In a SCEAP update, Lerda told the Board that the engineer has submitted the plan to the State. There was some miscommunication that delayed the submittal. However, everything was handled and is in proper order.

In water and sewer system news, it was reported everything is working fine with the water system. The water towers are scheduled to be cleaned this spring/summer.

Lerda gave a report on the I&I (inflow and infiltration) with the sewer system.

“There is a lot of I&I that is being worked with and tracked down,” Lerda explained. “There has been several feet of sewer replaced recently to help. As well as investigating problems and working with any residents who have issues.”

In open comments, both Lerda and Barrett wished to honor longtime Holden businessman, Wayne Carter, who recently passed away.

Both shared fond memories of Carter and the lasting impression he had on them.

Lerda also shared, “Wayne built an upflow clarifier in 1973 when working at the Holden Water Department that is still in use out at the lake.

Lerda concluded by saying, “He was a true friend and an amazing Holden spirit and will be greatly missed.”

Barrett wanted to mention that Jack Reynolds had also passed away.

“He was instrumental in getting legislation passed to protect waterways and was on the dive team,” Barrett said.

“Mr. Reynolds assisted the Holden Water Department while he was with the dive team when there were issues with the boom.”

There being no further business, the February meeting of the BPW closed, to reopen in March.

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