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City Park Scoreboard Discussed by Council


Holden City Council members heard an update on the bid process of the new scoreboard at the city park at their regular August meeting.
Councilman Jeremy Knox reported that he has been working on this project for the last year.

David Chastain, chairman of Holden Parks & Recreation said the next meeting of the board is set for September 14.

Councilman Knox went on to present council with three bids for the new scoreboard. The first bid was $27,842, the second – $27,000, and the third bid was for approximately $14,000, with most of the work being done by Knox and the Holden Softballers paying approximately half the cost.

With the third bid, the Softballers are asking the City for $7,000 to complete the project and then the city would own the scoreboard.

Knox explained in detail how the installation would take place and presented the council with a photo of what is proposed.

Council Member Julie Fields made a motion to approve the third bid as presented, with the City’s responsibility being $7,000. The motion was seconded by Councilman Rusty Kephart.

Mayor Doyle Weeks said that with the council having already approved this, if the measure is approved at the next Parks & Rec meeting Knox can move forward immediately on the project.

The Mayor asked how long it will take to get the scoreboard installed. Councilman Knox said it will take approximately eight weeks to build and then installation will depend on weather.

Councilman Jim McDaniel called for the vote. Knox abstained, all other council members voted in favor. Motion passed.

Chastain also reported the Parks & Rec Board has approximately $10,000 extra in its budget at this time, due in part to savings from a new groundskeeping company.

In capital improvement tax news, Councilman Ray Briscoe presented the council with a letter he had drafted to Senator Hoskins and Representative Houx inquiring about the capital improvement tax, which passed a vote but has not yet been received from the State.

Some edits were suggested by council members, with McDaniel asking that the letter be notarized. Briscoe moved to approve the council to sign the letter with the edits included.

Motion was seconded by Councilman Knox. In a vote, all approved; motion carried.

In storm water business, McDaniel presented the council with a new Task Order Agreement from ES&S which would allow the engineering firm to meet with the school superintendent and possibly attend a meeting of the school board.

The purpose would be to present their recommendations resulting from the recent storm water engineering study. McDaniel reported the maximum cost to the city would be $1,250.

Councilman Knox made a motion to approve the agreement, seconded by Briscoe. All approved; motion passed.

In other business, Mayor Weeks told council there has been an issue with vandalization at the Street Department and that MoDOT also reported having issues with people vandalizing their equipment.

He went on to say that the trail cameras that have been installed are not doing as much to catch those responsible as was hoped.

Mayor Weeks asked Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) if they can bid putting security cameras up at the street and fire departments.

Councilman McDaniel asked it the city has the ability to track equipment if it is stolen. Mayor Weeks reported that new model vehicles in the police, street, and fire departments do have GPS devices on them, but that there is also an issue with people trying to break into facilities.

Council Member Elizabeth Weeks asked if a bid for cameras at the City Park had been completed and if there would be a price break if all departments were using ITS.

Jason Conley and Seth Bailey were in attendance representing ITS, and Conley said if the city is paying monthly there is a set price for the service.

Councilman Briscoe asked Police Chief Trent Neal if the recording from this system would be good enough to get an identification on a suspect and if it would stand up in court. Chief Neal said it would.

The regular August council meeting closed, to reopen in September.

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