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JOCO Moves Forward With Reopening and Recovery Plan


Johnson County Community Health Services (JCCHS) is moving forward with a slow but steady reopening for Johnson County with the implementation of a Response and Recovery Plan beginning Monday, May 4.

This plan follows guidance from Governor Mike Parson’s Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan, with guidelines and recommendations specific to Johnson County.

This plan takes a step-by-step approach to keeping our communities safe during the reopening. Movement through each step will be determined by the spread or containment of COVID-19.

The steps for recovery will likely be weeks to months, and if the spread increases to unacceptable levels, the recommendation will be to move backward through the steps up to and including resuming a stay-at-home order.

“We understand the difficulties many have faced and the sacrifices so many have made to keep our communities safe,” said Mary Thaut, JCCHS administrator.

“Because of you, we are ready to move forward and make that first step toward a more familiar way of life. We know the importance of allowing our businesses in Johnson County to reopen, and want to support our local economy and families.

“Taking this first step for a slow reopening will allow our local businesses to begin the process of recovery.
“We cannot stress enough the importance for both individuals and businesses to continue following safety precautions. This will help protect us and continue to slow the spread of COVID-19, while making sure we are moving in the right direction.”

Businesses that choose to reopen will have increased responsibility to operate in accordance with public health recommendations and limitations, while always keeping employee and customer safety their top priority.

Each business must adhere to specific guidelines to stay in accordance with the plan to mitigate risk to employees and customers.  To view the guidelines specific to each industry, visit

All businesses should continue to apply social distancing in all facilities, sanitizing frequently, especially between customers.

Individuals are urged to continue taking precautions to protect themselves and others with actions including frequent hand washing, social distancing, staying home when feeling ill, minimizing travel, and wearing masks in public.

How quickly and effectively Johnson County can reopen is directly related to the spread of COVID-19, which depends on the community’s response.

When all rules and guidance in each step are followed, the likelihood for a more rapid reopening occurs. When rules or guidance are not followed, the reopening process is likely to take significantly longer.

The progression of COVID-19 will be monitored by public health officials and community leaders. When the spread of the disease is slow or reduced, progression into and through recovery will occur.

If the spread of the disease is rapid or hits elevated levels that exceed hospital capacity, it is likely that the community will have to regress with reopening the community and may include an additional stay-at-home order.

Older adults and individuals who have severe underlying medical conditions are encouraged to continue staying home for longer periods, even during the re-opening of communities to protect themselves.

If you suspect that you have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, call your healthcare provider to let them know before seeking care.

It is critical that your provider is aware that you may have COVID-19 prior to your arrival at a healthcare facility, and that you follow all instructions when you arrive.

For more information specific to Johnson County’s reopening steps, please visit the JCCHS website at

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