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Jewell Shockley Celebrates 101 Years of Life

Longtime Holden resident Jewell Shockley has seen a lot of things in her 101 years of living on this earth – both good and bad.
She’s experienced joyous times and also devastating heartache, yet she continues to go about the business of living in her quiet, unassuming way and Holden residents are blessed to be able to call her a good neighbor and a cherished friend.

Jewell Mae was born to Sam Edward and Netty Mae Goodwin on May 14, 1922 in Calhoun, Missouri. The family, consisting of two sons and four daughters, resided in Calhoun and that’s where Jewell was raised.

She received her schooling at home during the early years and then, when she was allowed, she attended school in Windsor.
Sam Goodwin was a farmer, providing for his wife and six children by the sweat of his brow.

Netty was a housewife and a house servant, Jewell recalls.

The family lived in town and Jewell remembers them always having a large garden every year to help feed the growing family by harvesting the produce they raised.

Some other memories Jewell has of her growing-up years includes sewing with her mother to make the family’s clothes and other necessities.

She also remembers cooking with Netty, and learning how to prepare delicious meals, a lesson that would serve her well throughout her life of raising four children of her own and cooking for her husband Ralph.

When she was 21, Jewell married Ralph Shockley, Sr. on December 5, 1943 in Clinton.

Reminiscing about her late husband, Jewell says Ralph was a good man who worked hard as a farmer to take care of Jewell and their four children.

Tragically, Ralph was killed in an automobile accident at Shawnee Mound in 1960. Being a young widow on her own with four growing children to feed, Jewell knew the meaning of hard times and hard work.

The family lived in Calhoun and Magnolia, finally settling in Holden in 1960-‘61.

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