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LJ Grounds Hold Secrets of Bravery and Sacrifice

Lone Jack Paper Clips is proud to share historical facts about the town of Lone Jack, the Civil War years, and much more.

Prior to the Civil War, there were six blacksmiths, four doctors, livery stables, at least two general stores, a drug store, several mills, churches, and countless other businesses in Lone Jack. Stage coaches traveled their routes, and several hotels were built to house these weary travelers.

Starting in 1854 (when the Border War began), and throughout the war years, renegade bands of guerrillas and irregular Union troops preyed on civilians of Lone Jack. It was a frightening, uncertain time for locals.

The Lone Jack Civil War Battlefield, Museum & Soldier’s Cemetery is the only Civil War Museum in Jackson County, Missouri, and one of the few battlefields where the soldiers who perished during the battle are still buried on the battlefield and has not been designated as a National Cemetery.

The Lone Jack Civil War Museum is a unique, round native stone building that was constructed in 1963.

It houses a variety of displays, including artifacts from the Battle of Lone Jack, items of local history, photos of the men who fought at Lone Jack, as well as dioramas depicting major events of the war years.

The Civil War Museum also includes artifacts and pictures of the following: The Battle of Lone Jack, The Battle of Westport, General Order #11, and Quantrill’s burning of Lawrence.

The Battlefield Cemetery is adjacent to Museum, which is located in Lone Jack, 40 minutes from downtown KC.

Get to know the unique history of the small town with a monumental past, and explore the hallowed grounds where many brave soldiers gave their last full measure in sacrifice for what they believed in.

Plan a visit today to experience native history and let the past paint a true, factual picture that will make the war years come alive for you!

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