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Mayor Recommends Raises For City Employees

Personnel issues were addressed at the March 8 meeting of the Holden City Council, with compensation of employees the first action.

Mayor Liz Weeks raised the subject of wage increases for certain City employees, starting with the street department.

Mayor Weeks announced that Street Superintendent Ron Heinemann and Doyle Weeks would get an increase in wages of one dollar an hour.

She added that Eddie Hausenstein would go from $16.25 to $17 per hour.

The Mayor also said the new hire would come in at $15.50 an hour and receive a 50-cent raise after 90 days.

Council Member Robin Watkins made a motion to approve the following hourly rate increases: Ron Heinemann from $19 to $20 an hour; Doyle Weeks from $18 to $19 an hour; and Eddie Hausenstein from $16.25 to $17 an hour.

There was some discussion regarding if there were available funds in the budget for these raises.

There was no further discussion, All approved, and the motion passed. Mayor Weeks went on to say that currently, police…

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