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Mayor Responds To Inquiry From Image

With regard to this week’s Board of Public Works (BPW) story, in which the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) questioned the BPW as to why they hadn’t responded to an inspection communication that was sent in 2021, the Image reports the following facts as they occurred.

When the Image learned of the situation with DNR investigating the communication, we were informed DNR discovered the report was allegedly sent to Mayor Liz Weeks on December 12, 2021.
In an attempt to learn why the BPW wasn’t forwarded the report, the Image sent the following inquiry to Mayor Liz Weeks:

Mayor Weeks,
We received information regarding a DNR inspection that had not been completed and the BPW was questioned by DNR as to why they (BPW) had not responded. After investigation, DNR determined they only mailed a copy of it to one person – you, in December of 2021.

Do you recall receiving the document from DNR? Please provide the date that it was received by the City.
What is your reasoning for not passing the inspection communication on to the BPW so they could address it?
The BPW story in this week’s Image was ready for print before we received a response from Mayor Weeks, late on the night of Monday, March 7.

Following is the Mayor’s response to the questions above, printed verbatim, except for the inclusion of names, for privacy reasons.

“First of all, I do not appreciate your accusations. You blatantly said I was responsible for withholding information from the BPW.

“Second, I did not receive a letter from DNR concerning an inspection. All mail would have been delivered to city hall. I double checked with the…

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