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Huge Rig Requires Special Clearance To Cross Tracks

Mammoth Load In Holden… A huge rig, owned by Edwards Moving & Rigging, was stopped at a railroad crossing in Holden on December 14 while waiting for special clearance from Union Pacific Railroad. Assistant Fire Chief Doyle Weeks and other City Safety Officers assisted the large rig. The load consisted of a new high-powered transformer, which weighs 90 tons. It was headed for Evergy’s local “peaker” facility, located north of Holden. Photo by Ron Barrett

On December 14, Holden City Safety Officers, along with Assistant Fire Chief Doyle Weeks, assisted a large rig that was attempting to cross the Union Pacific Railroad tracks near the carwash on 131 Highway.

The mammoth rig belonged to a company called Edwards  Moving & Rigging, and they were transporting a new high-powered transformer, a 90-ton unit.

Edwards specializes in heavy hauling, heavy rigging, and all over-sized items that require special handling.

They can provide turnkey service for single units as well as mass transportation and multiple move projects.

Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, the company is able to provide legal axle spacing; to balance and distribute loads so that heavy units can cross bridges and travel over highways that otherwise might be prohibited.

The Edwards crew’s destination in Holden that day was to the local electrical company’s (Evergy) “peaker” facility, located just north of Holden on 131 Highway.

The type of load hauled by the Edwards rig needs special clearance from the railroad company prior to crossing their tracks so as to assure no interference with a train.

The Edwards hauling crew stopped and held in place until they received the railroad approval to cross the tracks.

This special heavy hauling rig had full GPS and safety communications systems.

Holden residents who witnessed the huge rig coming through town were intrigued and awestruck at the sheer size of the rigging apparatus.

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