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Concerns Remain on City Purchase of Former Bank Building

Speculation continues on how the City of Holden will pay for the newly acquired former Central Bank building, and residents are demanding answers.

After no response was received from Mayor Liz Weeks as to where the funds were coming from, the Image obtained a copy of the 2021-22 city budget.

After inspection of the documents in the budget, there still appears to be no clear line item that addresses this concern of the citizens of Holden, although the Image was told by Mayor Weeks that the needed funds were already budgeted.

The only increase we could see in the budget, which is a public document, is under the entry for the police department. It shows under “lease purchase,” the projected amount in the budget was $7,661; however, that amount was increased by former Mayor Doyle Weeks, to $42,506, which in supposition, could add up to an annual payment on the city’s new building.

See This Week’s Image for full story.

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