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City Lake Topic of City Council; Committee Reports Heard

Maintenance at the city lake was discussed by Holden City Council members at the July 13 council meeting.

Among areas discussed was the dam at the lake and what part the City is responsible for maintenance and upkeep on.

Councilman Ray Briscoe informed the council that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will be inspecting areas of the lake soon, including the dam.

There was discussion about which part of the dam was maintained by the Board of Public Works and which part was maintained by the City.

Councilman Jim McDaniel explained that the grass and weeds are growing up on the lake side of the dam, and that he understood that it was very hard to maintain because of the steepness of the area.

McDaniel said that he thought the City was supposed to maintain from the dam toward the lake.

Street Department Superintendent Ron Heinemann said that the area is difficult to maintain because there are ruts from people driving in the mud, and the steepness of the bank.

Chief Andrew Watkins, of the Holden Fire Department, said that the fire department had helped in the past by burning the weeds, but because of the weather, it has been too damp.

There was additional discussion among council members about contracting the dam out to be mowed.

No decision was reached at this meeting.

In personnel business, Mayor Liz Weeks asked Councilman Rusty Kephart about the Merit Board’s opinion of the new hire police officer, David Mayhew.

Kephart told council that the Merit Board agreed to hire Mayhew as a captain and felt that he would be a great asset to the department.

A motion was made to hire David Mayhew as captain of the Holden Police Department by Councilman Kephart, seconded by Councilman Jeremy Knox and all voted to approve the measure.

In other personnel items, council discussed the resignation of street department crew member Brian Martley.

Council voted to accept Martley’s resignation.

In committee reports, Briscoe made a motion for the City to begin the negotiation to transfer maintenance and operations of the city lake complex to the Board of Public Works (BPW) to include all aspects of revenue management – tracking, planning, and allocation/expenses.

Included in the motion was the BPW shall provide periodic updates of revenues, operations, and future plans to Holden City Council.

Councilman Kephart seconded the motion.

There was discussion about there being a contract between the City and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and what is provided by MDC.

Also discussed was the money coming in from city lake passes, but it not being enough to take care of maintenance of the lake, and not being put into its own line item.

Roll call vote was requested: McDaniel-no, Kephart-yes, Briscoe-yes, Council Member Julie Fields-yes, Council Member Robin Watkins-no, Council Member Renee Rahe-no, Knox-no. Motion failed; but there was discussion about looking into other options.

In a storm water update, McDaniel gave an information on storm water business, saying that they had many topics still to cover, including the Neighborhood Improvement District and who can be included.

In Planning & Zoning business, Briscoe stated that P&Z had discussion with Jim Coldsnow at their last meeting about the difference between modular and manufactured housing.

In other committee reports, Watkins updated for the street department by saying that Heinemann found a great deal on a truck for $29,500 that came with a dump bed, snowplow, and hydraulics to control a spreader.

Heinemann also found a spreader and was going to get the safety lighting installed.

Watkins went on to say that the crew had been busy with potholes, mowing, culverts, ditching, and equipment maintenance.

The paving schedule is out, and street crews will be paving from August 16 through September.

The list of streets to be paved are Elizabeth, Elm, 17th, 18th, South Olive from 9th to 14th, and possibly some others.

Watkins added that the oiler is undergoing maintenance, so Heinemann had reserved a rental with Vance Brothers for $5,000 and would like to get approval now in case Holden’s oiler was not ready to start paving in August.

Watkins then made a motion that council approve $10,000 for the street department to spend, if necessary, on renting an oil distributor for one to two months from Vance Brothers.

Councilman Kephart seconded, and Heinemann stated that they would also be renting a roller.

Prior to the vote, Councilman McDaniel added that the street department would be doing their own chip and seal because the truck is not able to dump and spread.

All council members unanimously approved the motion.

In fire department and parks committee reports, Councilman Knox stated that there were 21 incidents for Fire Department, and there was a great fireworks display at Spark at the Park for the 4th of July.

He went on to report that the Park Board will host the Nerf War August 21.

Knox also said that the Holden Softballers and Hometown Project would be hosting a movie night at the city park on the ballfield as a fundraiser for the Hometown Project group.

He added there will be a bull riding event at the city arena on September 11. Lastly, Knox told council that the annual cook-off will be October 2.

With the conclusion of committee reports, council voted to convene in executive session and the regular session closed, to reopen in August.

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