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Support Foundation by Eating Locally

Jamie’s Place and El Paso are finishing off the Holden School Foundation fundraisers for the month of April!

Please plan on eating at Jamie’s Place on Friday, April 23, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

You may call for carry-out at 816-732-4346, or dine in to help support the Holden Foundation.

Jamie Thieman will donate a percentage of the food sales to the Foundation to help them with 2021-22 educational/academic needs of the district that the budget cannot afford.

Jamie is also donating a percentage of food sales that Kyndal Phelps, Foundation Board member, is coordinating for the staff members at each of the district’s schools.

“We will look forward to seeing you at Jamie’s Place on Friday!” say Foundation Board members.

“Thank you for your efforts, Kyndal Phelps!”

El Paso Restaurant is hosting the Foundation’s last spring community business fundraiser on Saturday, April 24, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

You may also call for carry-out at 816-732-6438, or dine in.

Foundation members will be present to help refill your chips and salsa to keep you HAPPY!

Rafael Martinez will be donating a percentage of his sales to the Foundation for this event.

“Let’s pack El Paso’s porch and dining area and please keep calling in all day for your carry-out orders,” members added.

“The Holden Foundation is looking forward to your support and we have been so pleased with the generous support that this community has shown to us already this month with Alisha Edwards and Yssel Aguilar’s, 2nd Street Bistro, and Caleb Frazier’s, Yoss Bros., fundraisers,” said Foundation President Sally Davidson.

“Our efforts in trying to help our teachers and students in enriching their opportunities to be inspired and look beyond the books are evident in the number of students being IMPACTED by the Teacher Impact Grants that have been awarded. “Thank you for your support!”

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