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Mini Food Pantry Now Open

Offering Food For The Community – Mini Food Pantry… The mini food pantry, located near the parking lot at Holden Middle School, is now up and running! If you are in need of food, stop by the box and get you or your family something. If you can help keep the box filled with non-perishable food or hygiene items, your donations are greatly appreciated. The little blue box stands as a sign of hope and good will for those in need. It was the idea of HMS instructor Tobi Chambers and made possible by a grant from the Holden Foundation. It was put up December 7. Even students are getting involved, pictured donating food are Margaret Gustin and Ethan Hollis. Photos submitted

Helping to spread love in this season of giving and good cheer is the new mini food pantry, located near the Holden Middle School.

The little blue box contains non-perishable food items, as well as personal hygiene products and is now open to the public.

The mini food pantry was the brainchild of Tobi Chambers, Holden Middle School instructor.

She explains, “I had the idea because I know there are students and families in Holden who could use a helping hand in these difficult times.”

Chambers went on to say, “Possibly families who never needed help before, and I wanted to provide a way for families to get a little something if they need it.”

She applied for and received a grant from the Holden Foundation and used the funds to purchase materials to build the little food pantry.

With materials in hand, she and her husband Mike Chambers constructed it.

She explained that Tom Clark and his team at the school helped her install the box, which is located near the MS parking lot.

“The box will have food and hygiene items in it and can be accessed at any time of the day,” Chambers added.

“Alexandria Smithson of Designs of a Dispatcher also designed and donated the sign for the mini-pantry.”

Everyone is welcome to visit the little blue box and take whatever they need. Or, if you are feeling generous, feel free to drop some items off at the little food pantry for some family in need.

Local students have also gotten involved with serving the community by donating items to the mini food pantry.

When asked what inspired her to help in this way, Chambers replied, “I read a quote from Mother Teresa once that said, ‘If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.’ This quote has always stuck with me!”

So, in this season of giving, stop by the mini food pantry, help a neighbor in need, or take something home with you, and know that it was given with love!

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