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Generous People Abound in Holden

There is something wonderful going on in our little town! As always, the community has come together to help their neighbors, courtesy of local diner, Jamie’s Place.

Owner Jamie Thieman shares that she saw an idea on Facebook at Christmastime last year and she decided to try it out at her restaurant.

The concept is a free meal for those going through a rough patch or maybe just needing a helping hand right now.

Jamie put up a bulletin board in the restaurant with a note that says “For those who need a plate and can’t afford one, let us know – we have a few pre-paid meals. For those who would like to pay for a meal, please let us know and God Bless You!”

Under the sign are tickets of pre-paid meals for anyone who is in need to enjoy a delicious, FREE meal.

“Let’s just say this town is completely amazing and our board is full!” exclaimed Jamie.

“People can buy a meal and put it on the board for those who are going through a tough time financially and could use a hot meal.”

This community is so full of giving, generous people that Jamie’s gesture of kindness has turned out to be a resounding success!

Jamie and her staff say if someone is in need of a free meal but don’t feel comfortable getting a ticket off the board, just let the wait staff know and they will happily and very discreetly get a pre-paid ticket for a free meal.

“Most of us have been through hard times and totally understand,” added Jamie. “It’s just nice to have a pick-me-up and know that you don’t have to go without a meal.”

Truly, Holden is filled with caring community members who always do whatever they can to help their neighbors, especially those in need.
In this difficult time of the COVID pandemic that seems as if it will never end, it’s nice to realize that our hometown citizens are still giving and sharing in any way they can.

Stop by Jamie’s for a delicious meal, and enjoy the company of your neighbors while you break bread together.

If you’re so inclined, leave money to add a ticket to the bulletin board so another may enjoy a free meal. Or take a pre-paid ticket and partake of Jamie’s delicious menu items.

“For whatsoever you do to the least of My brothers, that you do unto Me.” Matthew 25:40

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