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Death Occurs Downtown

A tragedy occurred on Wednesday, June 24, in downtown Holden, when a local resident experienced a fatal health emergency.

Daniel Charboneau, age 31, passed away near 2nd and Market St. Wednesday afternoon.

His mother, Sharon Charboneau, called 911 and reported she thought her son was having a heart attack.

Holden Police Chief Trent Neal and Officer Wolfe were dispatched to a possible cardiac arrest in the 100 block of South Market St.

Additional first responders arrived at the scene, including medical personnel (Johnson County Ambulance), and fire department personnel.

EMTs began CPR on Charboneau and continued administering the emergency tactics for nearly 45 minutes.

No pulse was detected at the end of the CPR procedures, and Charboneau was pronounced deceased.

Johnson County Coroner Clark Holdren and Deputy Coroner Troy Armstrong arrived to assist with the investigation.

It was determined to be a health-related death.

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