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Jillian Gregg Brightens Lives of Manor Residents


Holden resident and nature lover Jillian Gregg recently completed a humanitarian project that is sure to warm the hearts of many.

Jillian got the idea in April to purchase bird feeders and/or hanging baskets and place them outside the windows of residents at Holden Manor Care Center and Bristol Manor.

Jillian is a disc jockey by trade and has entertained her loyal listeners for more than 20 years on the radio.

She is also a nature lover, and especially loves the springtime when all the world is new again. “Spring might just be my favorite time of year – with all the new life, extra daylight, and color,” she explained.

“Redbuds and lilacs are my favorites and I’m anticipating the honeysuckle blooming.” So, she took the opportunity to brighten up the residents’ worlds by putting the bird feeders and flowers outside their windows.

Between Holden Manor and Bristol Manor, there are a total of 40 windows that she lovingly embellished. She thought during the quarantine would be a perfect time to launch her project, because the facilities were on lockdown and the residents couldn’t have visitors of family and friends, so it was a difficult time for them.

Jillian saw the idea on Facebook where someone had done something similar and knew right away she wanted to try and make the residents’ lives a little brighter.

Her idea was to raise money to put something outside of each room and so she took the project to social media. “I started the drive for donations on my daily Facebook Live video on April 22, which is Earth Day,” she said.

Jillian said many people have gotten involved and stepped up to help the project be a successful one.

“Many people have helped!” she shared. “So many that I’ll be able to do more than just our two nursing homes in Holden. It’s really been amazing and heartwarming to see!”

Some people have donated online and still others have sent Jillian checks to go toward the worthwhile project.

“Some people have just donated actual bird feeders or seed to the cause, including my friend Lois, and our friends Joe and Cyndi from Campbell-Cast Funeral Home,” she added. “My friend, Kelvin Francy, made 16 cedar birdhouses to donate. They’re beautiful!

The rest of the feeders, seed, and hanging baskets will be purchased at a discount at Walker’s Variety Store here in town.”

The feeders vary in price, size, and color, according to Jillian. She plans to do her best to keep the feeders filled or will leave birdseed with the facilities so they can be filled when needed.

“I set a goal to have the project completed by May Day, and May 1 was the day the gifts were put outside each window,” Jillian continued.

She and her family put them all in place outside the windows on May 1, which was Jillian and her husband’s 21st wedding anniversary.

The community support has been wonderful and so Jillian plans to continue with the betterment project.

If you would like to donate funds, bird feeders or seed to help beautify the windows of nursing home residents, please email Jillian at or send it through Venmo with the handle @Jillian-Gregg-3. So, from a simple idea she saw online, and wanting to share her love of nature and springtime, this idea was born and it is truly brightening the world of many residents who are separated from their loved ones right now.

Jillian is spreading sunshine, beauty and love in the midst of a dark, dreary time in our world and it is a wonderful thing that’s making a difference in the lives of so many!

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