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Local Agencies Giving Drive-By Parades

Many local departments have been participating in birthday “drive-by” parades for local children celebrating their birthdays.

Spearheaded by local fire departments, the drive-bys are a special way to recognize the kids when they can’t celebrate as they’d like to.

Many area children don’t get to have their friends over for a traditional birthday party due to the pandemic, so local agencies decided to do something special for their big day.

In the Holden community, Holden Fire and Rescue, Holden Police Department, Holden Street
Department, Johnson County Emergency Management, and the Johnson County Ambulance District have been busy lighting up the day for some youngsters who can’t celebrate with a big party right now.

Also, some Holden businesses and churches are getting in on the caring act, by donating treats and goodies to the birthday children.

These include Jamie’s Place, 58 Diner, Chunky Butters, 2nd St. Bistro, Strate’s Drive-In, Yoss Bros. Grocery, North Assembly Church of God and Holden Animal Clinic. Holden Fire and Rescue wishes to thank them all for participating.

Out in the country, Johnson County Fire Protection District #2 is also doing a lot of birthday drive-by parades, showing their caring spirit and making the day a little brighter for the birthday kiddos.

Their parades include emergency vehicles, homemade signs, and a lot of smiling faces.

If your child is celebrating a birthday and you would like to ask for a drive-by parade, please contact the following fire departments, depending on where you live:
Holden Fire and Rescue – Chief Andrew Watkins at holdenfireandrescue@; Johnson County Fire Protection District – Assistant Chief Dee Bennett at; Johnson County Fire Protection District 2 – Chief David Miller at

“Please send us an email so we can help your child celebrate their birthday during this trying time,” say fire department personnel. “We would love to help make their day extra special.”

All of this is due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the stay-at-home order we’re all adhering to.

Truly, all of these caring individuals are showing us how to make the best of a difficult situation.

Thank you to all of our caring heroes, for taking the time to make a child’s special day brighter! The true giving human spirit always comes shining through during trying times, and this community has always stood together – even if we have to do it standing six-feet apart!

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