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HHS To Hold Individual Graduation Ceremonies

R-III Superintendent Dr. Mike Hough and an administrative team at Holden High School have made alternative plans for the Class of 2020’s graduation celebrations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, school will not reconvene this academic year, which means the original celebration of Holden’s graduation ceremony had to be changed. Dr. Hough announced at last week’s school board meeting that individual graduation ceremonies will be held with each graduating senior and their immediate families. The individual ceremonies will be held in early May and the plans implement social distancing guidelines and provide the opportunity for each graduate to participate in a “traditional” graduation ceremony setting and celebration with their families. The plan is for each commencement exercise to be 15 minutes in length over a three-day period in May. Information detailing the specifics for each senior was sent home to the families last week.

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  1. Sara Butler on April 20, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    To not ask or get input from those directly involved is a jerkish thing to do!! I know my Senior would have gladly given up her vacation to be able to graduate with her fellow students. But they were not asked what they would like. They were told this is how it’s going to be. Maybe “others” didn’t want this to interfere with their vacations?!!!

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