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Updates Given At Board Of Public Works Monthly Meeting February 6

A report and updates about the water and systems were heard when the Holden Board Of Public Works met Tuesday, Feb. 6.

After approval of the January minutes and financial report were made, Water Superintendent Tony Lerda took up old business regarding the city’s water system. In general activities Lerda reported the flocculator motor has been replaced and is operational. The gear box was finished being put back together the afternoon of the meeting. As far as the system itself, Lerda said there had been several water main breaks. Many of the breaks were circle breaks which indicated the ground is moving and causing that specific type of break.

Moving on, Lerda then addressed a lead inventory matter. He offered an example of a plumbing questionnaire that could be sent to help identify where there is lead and copper.

He suggested to the Board that it be mailed out to every customer for them to complete. He reminded the Board that the first deadline is approaching for the federal lead and copper rule that is being imposed nationwide. The initial information must show there has been significant progress made to establish all the public and private lines, meaning everything in the entire town and system, that…


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