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H.O.P.E. Board Hears Updates At Wednesday, Jan. 17 Monthly Meeting


H.O.P.E.’s Board of Directors heard various reports at it’s monthly meeting Wednesday, Jan. 17 at the Community Activity Center.

In the community support section of the meeting, Executive Director Lois Cheatham provided reports of recent Harvesters’ numbers for the month of January. It showed 134 household were served, including 184 adults, 114 children, and 79 seniors for a total of 377.
Following was a report of taxes, in which Cheatham informed the Board Employers Federal Taxes for the fourth quarter of both October and November had been filed.

In updates, the Executive Director reported a roof leak around the north HVAC was being inspected and that the Thrift Center sales for November and December were very good. However, she cautioned, traditionally, these numbers dip in February and March so the January uptick would help balance the expected decrease.

She also reported the Thrift Center had received an estate donation of two storage units. Also noted was the signage at the Center had fallen again due to high winds and would need to be reinstalled.

In a final update, Cheatham said changes had been made to the morning walking sessions so that the CAC could better accommodate those wanting to exercise.

In wrapping up the Director’s report, she expressed appreciation to individuals who had assisted H.O.P.E. in various ways. They included John and Sandy Roberts, Harry Burt, Molly Burnfin, Kristan Frame, Scott Kirby, Donna Woods, Amanda Fields, Kelly Stevenson, Aaron Phillips and Thrift Center volunteers….

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