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HAMA In Need Of Help From Community

Electrical Costs Up… HAMA Food Pantry Co-Coordinator, David Mortenson, also Pastor of the Holden United Methodist Church, packs some frozen goods to be later distributed to its clients. While a necessity to the operation of the pantry, freezers and refrigerators, like heat, cooling and lighting require a fair amount of electricity. Unfortunately, higher rates in that and other utilities are a growing problem for the pantry. Photo • John Roberts

H.A.M.A.’s (Holden Area Ministerial Association) is in need of the community’s help.

Rising costs of fees for purchasing food and processing it, higher bills for electricity, and lingering issues dating back to the COVID pandemic all have contributed to a serious and potentially critical situation for the pantry.

When interviewed several weeks ago, Food Pantry Co-Director, Pastor David Mortenson cited numbers which are more than just a little concerning.

“Last month we spent $1,500 more than we received he said. When asked how long the pantry could continue to operate if that trend continued, his response was direct – “Six months.”

Understanding how this situation came about involves a multitudes of factors, most of which are growing needs and rising costs.

Currently, the food pantry serves approximately 180-200 families in the western third of Johnson County each month, totaling about 500 people. That in itself is a daunting task.

To meet those needs, the pantry primarily relies on Harvester’s, donations of canned goods, deer meat donations, and monetary contributions.

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