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Citizens Brought Forth To Council At Sept. 21 Meeting; Mayor, Council Address Park, Lake Funding Issues

Members of the Holden City Council heard from four citizens at the beginning of its Sept. 21 meeting – two of which regarded park and lake funding.

First to address the Council was Cricket Hough, Holden resident and member of the Holden City Park Board.

Hough told the Council voters in 1992 voted to give a cigarette tax to the park and said this can not be manipulated – that a change in this is against state statutes. She went on to say she believes that doing so would be unlawful, wrong, and dishonest to the voters and the children. She added that the city lake should do their due diligence without taking from the Parks.

The next speaker, Rich Pearson, also appeared to discuss the cigarette tax. He stated the state statute chapter 90 shows there is to be nine members of the park board and that money collected for the park must be kept in the park’s budget. He added the city will be violating state law if the cigarette tax is transferred to the city lake budget. He also suggested the city lake committee should ask for a tax to be put on the next ballot for voters to approve a lake tax.


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