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New Roof Agreement Signed, Water Updates Reported At BPW Monthly Meeting

A new roof for the water plant, reports of water leak repairs and an update on the stormwater project were heard when the Holden Board of Public Works met Wednesday, Aug 2.

Holden Water Superintendent Tony Lerda opened the business portion of the meeting by telling the Board all paperwork for the previously approved roof for the water plant had been signed. While no specific date for the work has not been set, Lerda said in should be “soon.”

In a routine summation of general activities, he reported there had been a water leak repaired near the alley in the 300 block of South Market Street. This was to a service tap to 304 S. Market. Photos were shown of the building on the west side of the road connected to a 4” main on the east side of the road, with a lead gooseneck pipe connecting it to the main.

That he noted, indicates the approximate date of this installation and lead to a suspicion the section of water main may have lead packed joints.

The photo also revealed three service taps going east to a 2” meter used to feed a laundry mat at the location. He said there is a newer 8” water main running along the west side of market that will have no lead in it. Only three blocks of this 4” water main, he said, remain in use.

That, Lerda said, will be documented as a suspected lead presence in a lead removal plan.

Lerda continued, showing an aerial view of a water main replacement across U Highway at S. Clay Street, with approximately 140’ of water main running north and south along Clay Street and crossing U Highway. The installation was due to a water leak under the highway…

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