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Resolutions, Bills Passed By Holden Council

A number of resolutions and bills were unanimously passed this month by the Holden City Council. They included the following:

Resolution No. R23-010: Amending Fee Schedule-Zoning Change Application Fee –

Discussion took place about the fee being raised too high and to what the fees were applied.

It was pointed out that administration expenses, such as ads in the newspaper, planning and zoning board hearing and City Council hearings were some examples of what the fee is used for.

Councilwoman Carol Mallory made a motion to lower the proposed fee change from $150 down to $100 (original fee set at $50). The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Fields. The motion passed at $100.

Resolution No. R23-011: Planning and Zoning Commission – Appointment of Candice Hough – The motion passed.
Resolution No. R23-012: Amending Saddle Club Lease –

There was discussion that the saddle club had not yet finished their review of the amendments on the lease. The Mayor requested a motion to table the resolution. Upon a motion by Councilwoman Mallory and a second by Councilman Forrest Brillhart, the motion to table passed.

Bill No. 06-01-23: Budget Adjustment 2022-2023. The budget adjustment passed.

Bill No. 05-03-23: Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Budget – The fiscal year budget passed.

Bill No. 06-02-23: Insurance Plan Renewal- MO Public Entity Risk Management Fund (MOPERM). The Insurance Plan Renewal – MO Public Entity Risk Management Fund (MOPERM) passed.

Bill No. 06-03-23: Rescinding Chapter 117-Lease Purchase Agreement (1992) – With discussion, it was explained this ordinance was done 31 years ago for an unknown reasoning.


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