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Cranfill Hosts Visitors At Miller Mausoleum

Visitors at the Mausoleum… Carl Cranfill (third from left) gives a brief history of the Miller Mausoleum to visitors who recently stopped by the iconic building. Photo • Submitted


Holden’s Carl Cranfill, Historical Miller Mausoleum, just north of town, gave a detailed tour to town citizens’ relatives from California, New Jersey and Ohio this recently.

The visiting tourists were impressed with Cranfill’s family roots, rural American life and technical details.

The Reverend Miller, some one hundred years ago, hand built (poured concrete) the Miller Mausoleum which features walls two-feet to three-feet thick and over two stories high. The Mausoleum features over 400 tons of hand-mixed concrete.

Carl Cranfill has installed lights, online image, picnic tables, refurbished restrooms, trash cans, native flowers, and security cameras in the immediate area.

Cranfill is in Holden to work with his volunteer corps to continue upgrading the mausoleum. He welcomes visitors and the help.

Information about the public use of the area and the signage is posted at the parking lot.

All are asked to respect the Miller family and rural heritage of this historical site.

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