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CAC Rates, Fundraisers, Maintenance Items, Taken Up By H.O.P.E. Board

Due to a lack of a quorum, the H.O.P.E. Board of directors did not have its monthly meeting in May. However, in its April meeting many of the existing business items had been addressed.

User rates for the Community Activity Center (CAC), a new program and fundraiser, and routine maintenance items were taken up when the H.O.P.E. Board gathered for its April meeting.

In old business H.O.P.E. Executive Director, Lois Cheatham said she was drafting a policy for Board approval regarding the use of regular baseballs in the CAC. In addition liability issues, the use of the balls had caused some damage to various walls and other parts of the facility. It was felt a safer ball designed for indoors would be a better option.

In new business, the Board discussed a request for a discounted rental of the CAC by Tara Martley. She asked that the Board donate the $100 rental fee back to her from the March of Dimes fundraiser that she held at the CAC. The board discussed that $100 for a full day was already a deeply discounted amount, and that typically, H.O.P.E. does…


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