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Holden Council Hears Public Concerns, Reports From Committees

The Holden City Council heard concerns from three citizens and received reports from various Council committees at its Thursday, April 20 meeting.

Sherry Rymer was the first citizen to address the Council. She expressed concerns about the amount of “junk” and nuisances around the town. She said she would like to see ordinances added/edited and acted upon to aid in the removal/cleanup/keeping clean process. She also suggested allowing citizens to build privacy fences to hide the “junk” from passersby.

Next up was Kristy Talley, who expressed concerns about the number and breed of dogs some citizens own. She stated her dog was attacked by a pitbull. The particular pitbull owner, she said, has six pitbull dogs and stated that she’d like to see change in the animal ordinance limiting breed and number of dogs.

The final citizen, Steve Hogan, shared the same concerns as expressed by Talley. He stated the dogs Talley complained about dogs are aggressive amongst themselves, with people and with animals outside their fenced area. He also wanted to see like changes made to the ordinance.

Mayor Briscoe then called for Committee Reports from the Council.

Councilwoman Julie Getz reported for Board of Public Utilities and stated that rate increases were discussed and a public hearing was slated for May 2. Getz also noted the Committee is reevaluating the existence of copper piping within the City’s infrastructure.

Councilwoman Julie Fields reported for Buildings & Grounds. She said here was nothing to report at this time, as did Councilman Allen Mensch for Economic Development.

Councilman Jim McDaniel reported for Finance & …


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