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Council Has Full Docket At Dec. 13 Meeting

The Holden City Council had a full docket when it met for its regular session Tuesday, Dec. 13.

After approval of minutes from November, the Council first heard from Dave Chastain in the Public Comments And Communications portion of the meeting.

Chastain said he was concerned about revenue for the City Park Board and about spending too much money for the Christmas In The Park (a special Christmas/Holiday lighting event).

Mayor Ray Briscoe responded that money for the event had been saved through scant spending in prior months and said the Council wanted to have something special for the City/area residents.

He added the event enjoyed a great turnout and he had heard numerous positive comments about it.

He expanded on the topic in his Mayor Communications, thanking the Park Board, other City employees and businesses for their hard work and participation in making the event so successful.

The Council next took up eight ordinances and resolutions.

First up was Bill No. 12-01-2022: Rezoning at 1008 South Clay Street. Mayor Briscoe said he was first approached by an individual interested in purchasing the property and wanting to know if it could be rezoned for a for residence.

After looking into the matter, the mayor said the Planning and Zoning Board noted everything would be in compliance and had recommended okaying the rezoning.

The fact the property does not have sewer and water raised some questions by Council members Julie Fields and Carol Mallory, but other members didn’t feel this would be a hindrance and the Council passed the rezoning 6-2, with both Fields and Mallory voting “No.”

Next up was Bill No. 12-02-2022: Amend Chapter 42 Regarding Mixed Use Residential.

The bill arose as the result of current commercial properties already using or constructing apartments/living residences in their buildings in the downtown area.

The concern of parking arose as a potential problem, since residents would need a space for their vehicles.

However, it was noted…

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