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BPW Discusses Increasing Cost Of Doing Business

The increasing cost of doing business was a central theme when the Holden Board of Public Works met Monday, Sept 26 for its regular meeting.

Water Superintendent Tony Lerda told the Board he recently had studied the actual figures from 2021-2022. Those were broken down by which expenses were used by the water department and which were the wastewater department.

The numbers reflected that the wastewater department had a positive balance, but the water department was in a deficit. Combined, the two utilities showed a two percent deficit after meeting suggested depreciation and replacement deposits.

Lerda continued by saying that the responsibility is always to the customer, and it is imperative to maintain adequate rates not to allow the public’s capital investment to deteriorate. Lerda went on to say although that there is significant inflation currently, the City is not in a state of emergency and has time to review the issue.

The Board agreed and added that if necessary, smaller incremental increases would be preferable than large ones every 3-4 years.

Lerda recommended coming back at some time in the future, at which time a final decision could be reached.

In a report specific to the water system, Lerda said everything looks good.

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