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Holden City Council Holds Work Session

With an assortment of major issues to deal with in the coming months, members of the Holden City Council began the task of addressing current and future problems with a work session last Thursday afternoon.

City Administrator, Cynthia Freeman, led the session, assessing areas of need and offering ideas for improvement going

While the wideranging discussion touched on many topics, four areas emerged as the most
critical. These were: policies, controls, security and transparency.

Though policies encompass all facets of City government, the most pressing appeared that of purchasing.

Whether it involved amounts spent, the use of credit cards, authorization, tracking and/or monitoring, the general consensus was controls needed to be put in place to ensure money was wisely spent.

Security of information also identified as a need. Freeman pointed out that currently, City computers are working off of a very slow, and vulnerable wi-fi.

She suggested installing fiber optic would not only speed up the receiving and transferal of information, but be more safe as well.

As far as transparency was concerned, all felt it was an absolute necessity for the City to have the trust and confidence of the people.

And, that the best way to do that would be a policy of openness and honesty – not to bypass the voters with actions the have no real say about.

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