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BPW Hears Of Missed Opportunity

Holden Water Superintendent Tony Lerda told the Holden Board of Public Works (BPW) the city missed out on a big opportunity when the (former) City Council did not take advantage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) monies to make needed infrastructure improvements.

Lerda made the statement at the beginning of the April 5 meeting of the BPW.

After saying there had been no progress to both the water and sewer systems, he continued by informing the Board the City of Holden can no longer qualify for low to moderate income grants. “This was a very costly missed opportunity,” he noted. Ray Briscoe, now the newly-elected City Mayor, (but, at the time of the meeting, a City Council/BPW liaison) continued the discussion, asking about costs associated with the needed projects.

Lerda noted there had not been any engineering expenditures, but if it…

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