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Stahl Specialty Company Celebrates 75 Years In Business

Stahl Values Loyal Employees… An Employee Appreciation Day was held at Stahl Specialty Company last month, in honor of its 75th anniversary in business. Stahl was founded in 1946 and had just one employee. Now they boast 400 valued employees and are currently hiring additional workers for both the Kingsville and Warrensburg plants. Photo by John Roberts


Stahl Specialty Company recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The company hosted an Employee Appreciation Day last month, in celebration of the contributions their employees make to the success of Stahls.

“In honor of the 75th Anniversary of Stahl Specialty Company being in business and the contributions made by all employees over the years, we will be holding activities and celebrating each of YOU!” is a message each employee received.

Stahls gave away numerous gift cards and held raffles for a new tv, Play Station and paid time off.

The company was founded by Glenn Stahl and Jacob Cunningham in 1946 and is still going strong.

Stahl houses an aluminum foundry and machine operations and has two locations, the original one in Kingsville and another plant in Warrensburg that was opened in the ’70s.

The company has changed hands a few times during its 75-year history and is currently owned by Ligon, located in Alabama.

Stahl Specialty Company first opened its doors just after the end of World War II, according to the company’s website.

Like most new businesses starting out after the war, the company began in one simple, rented room.

Glenn Stahl was not only the owner, but the only employee. In fact, in 1946 – the company’s first year in business – they had a total payroll of just $45.86.

Fast forward 75 years and Stahl boasts 400 employees. Some of the hundreds of Stahl’s employees live locally, but others come from as far away as Lenexa, Kansas and Warsaw, Missouri.

Over its seven decades in operation many of its employees have spent their entire careers there. Also, the company has enjoyed generations of the same family, during its history. “Stahl has always been a family-oriented business,” said Jeanne Adams of Stahl. “Many employees have started with the company, then their children started, and then grandchildren. We have had many multi-generations of families work for Stahls.”

The company’s vision, according to its website, is as follows: “Stahl Specialty Company’s vision is to be a dynamic competitive organization, committed to the pursuit of quality, productivity and flexibility, enabling us to be a leader in the aluminum casting industry.” Today, Stahl is a vertically integrated company that features world-class permanent mold and semi-permanent mold aluminum castings. Its in-house capabilities include castings, core making, heat treat, machining, x-ray, dye penetrant, impregnation, leak testing, assembly, and other advanced quality systems.

Stahl is a full service, high volume supplier to HVAC, heavy truck, automotive, marine, construction, agriculture, and food industries, and will soon grow in aerospace with its superior heat treatment operations.

The company is enjoying so much success they are looking for additional valued employees at both locations. They continue to grow and have a real need for qualified applicants. Stahl is also starting a weekend shift at both locations so applicants looking for a second job or students looking for weekend work can be accommodated. If you are interested in joining the Stahl family, contact Jan Choate for the Kingsville plant, or Lisa McCarter for the Warrensburg location, by calling 816-597-3322.

For many decades, Stahl has been an asset to this community and they will continue to be an active part of this area as they grow and support many new families, while valuing their loyal, long-time employees.

Congratulations to Stahl on your first 75 years!

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