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BPW Discusses SCEAP Grant Options

The Board of Public Works (BPW) discussed the SCEAP Grant Facility Plan at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 6.

Kevin Garnett from MECO Engineering gave the report that offered options to help control the flooding in the lagoon.

MECO narrowed down the number of options from seven to four and presented the four best solutions. There were several items considered when evaluating the options.

According to the report, “The solution must not alter the design or operation of the existing wastewater treatment system, controls, or piping.

“It must pass 100-year storm flow while allowing full access to and use of the wastewater treatment facility. Maintenance and operation should be easy and low cost.”

The cost of the options ranged from $80,696 for raising the lagoon berm and improving the ditch, to $368,825 for constructing an upstream detention basin.

After discussion, the board accepted the report and will start looking at which option to choose for the project. Once they choose an option, the report will be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for approval.

The approved report then becomes the basis for project funding and design going forward.

In a MoDOT update, water Superintendent Tony Lerda reported that crews have nearly reached the O&M Enterprises building. They are working on the ditch by the office.

Crews plan to be on 2nd Street on November 1. They are following up with curbs and sidewalks.

“The state is going out farther than the plan in an effort to make sure they really make everything look nice,” explained Lerda.
“Many residents are getting new driveways, and MoDOT crews are cleaning out ditches to help with drainage.”

However, it was reported crews have discovered a blockage under 2nd Street. If they cannot get the camera through it, they may have to tear up the street to fix it.

In an update on the debt refinance, Lerda said, “The closing came and went without a hitch.” Members of BPW signed signature cards prior to the meeting.

O&M Enterprises is sending letters requesting quotes for the new rubber chips. The next step is to get a price for replacing the control panel for the filters at the water plant.

“A plan is in the works now,” explained Lerda. “The refinance has done a little more that cutting the debt service in half,” Lerda commented.

In a sewer system update, Lerda said, “We are making some discoveries of inflow and infiltration (I&I) and repairing them as we go.”

In a discussion on water main repairs for September, Lerda explained there were nine breaks that had to be repaired instead of the normal one or two breaks per month.

He explained that some of the pipes had fist-sized holes that needed repairing.

The October BPW meeting adjourned, to reconvene in November.

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