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Holden Schools Prepare for 2020-21 Year


The Holden R-III School District is making plans for the new school year and sharing guidelines and procedures.

“New information and guidance is coming out often from local and state health and education officials as we transition into the 2020-2021 school year,” said district personnel.

“There are still many unknowns, however, Holden R-III School District has been work- ing rigorously to put together a plan that will ensure learning can continue for all students.

“The Holden community is known for their support of our schools and now, more than ever, we will be leaning on that partnership to put a plan in motion which will encourage our students to grow and create conditions in which students will thrive, despite the pandemic.

“A task force of teachers, in partnership with parents and administrators, as well as the Holden R-III Board of Education, have thoroughly examined this plan for reopening, and though no plan is perfect, we feel it meets the demands of the current environment.

“We are determined to be prepared for any scenario that may arise, and therefore our plans may change due to new guidance from local and state agencies.”

Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Johnson County Community Health Services, and other local medical professionals directly involved in leading the fight against COVID-19, the district has developed a proactive plan that places student and employee safety at the forefront of returning to school.
Classroom teachers, support staff, and families will all play an increasingly important role in the health and wellness of students.

Safety measures taken include: *Students and staff will perform home screenings and stay home if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. For details on what to watch for or to access the CDC’s Self Checker, visit:

*Staff will report to the nurse’s office for a temperature check when they arrive at work. Those exhibiting symptoms will be sent home.

*Temperatures will be taken as students arrive on campus. Parents of students exhibiting symptoms will be contacted to pick up their child.

*Staff will be required to wear a protective face covering such as a face shield or mask during most of the school day, especially when physical distancing isn’t possible.

*Students will also be required to wear a protective face covering when traveling throughout the building and in classrooms when physical distancing isn’t possible. Students are welcome to provide their own appropriate mask or face shield. The district will provide each student a washable, reusable cloth mask on the first day of school. Subsequently, disposable masks will be available as necessary.

*Students will be spaced throughout the classroom to promote distancing and procedures in other common spaces will be adjusted to encourage physical distancing.

*The district will limit the use of community supplies (pencils, calculators, lab equipment, machinery, P.E. equipment, etc.) that are difficult to disinfect in the classroom or at recess.

On the first day of school and throughout the first week, these new safety procedures will be taught and practiced in all of the classrooms.

Parental support and reinforcement of these new measures will be critical in providing the safest possible environment for students.

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