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Committee Reports Heard by Council


At its regular June meeting, the Holden City Council heard committee reports from chairman.

In a street department report, Councilman Jim McDaniel reported that the street department met and discussed paving issues.

The roller they rented is doing a better job than their old one, he said. McDaniel added the department will not spend $8,000 to fix their oil distributer.

Instead, they will use one on loan to them this year and look at their budget for next year to see about replacing theirs.

Street Department Superintendent Ron Heinemann said, “We just want to thank all the volunteers and let them know how much we appreciate them.” Heinemann was referring to the recent volunteers who helped the street crew fix several roads in town.

Council Member Julie Fields wanted to remind everyone to stay off the roads while they are being repaired.

In a storm water report, McDaniel announced that $39,134 has been spent so far on the storm water plan. They will meet with engineers, ESS, to talk about small projects that can be done with the leftover money. McDaniel also voiced his concern about budget shortfalls in all departments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In other business, Council Member Fields reported that Trails Regional Library has a warped front door. After discussion, the council determined that based on the lease agreement, Trails Regional is actually responsible for repairs.

In further comments, Fields suggested the council look at the event rental agreement for the Hallar Building and reevaluate the refund policy. This is due to the amount of damage being done to the rooms during public events.

In a fire department update, Councilman Rusty Kephart reported that the fire department responded to 20 calls in May. He explained that the fire department will now have monthly birthday parades at the Holden High School parking lot through the month of August.

In a Parks & Recreation Department update, Council Member Liz Weeks reported that the department discussed their budget at the last meeting and are trying to plan for the next few months.

Weeks announced there will be a kickball tournament at the city park on July 11 to raise money for the tractor pull. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to participate. The cost is $200 per team. Please contact Council Member Weeks if you are interested in more information.

Mayor Doyle Weeks confirmed that the Holden Street Fair is still on for 2020. More information will be released soon.

Also, the 4th of July celebration at 7 p.m., at the city park, will happen, rain or shine. Council Member Weeks reminded everyone that there will be popcorn, snow cones and a DJ, in addition to the fireworks display at dusk.

In other committee reports, Councilman Jeremy Knox said that a pallet of trash can covers had been donated to Holden.

Knox also confirmed that the commemorative bricks people purchased at the city park last year will be installed by the bench once a base layer has been put down to keep them even.

Knox also reported that the owner of the manufactured home on Main St. has agreed to use a stone block skirting, as requested.
Councilman McDaniel asked for a discussion regarding finding a new web designer for Holden’s website.

Mayor Weeks said the council would talk about that in more detail later. McDaniel made a motion to look for a new provider.

Roll call vote of council was as follows – two ayes, two abstentions, and one against.

The June council meeting adjourned, to reconvene in July.

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