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Holden Family Care Safely and Proudly Serving Community


Local businesses have had to alter the way they interact with the public since the COVID-19 pandemic has invaded our world.

Some non-essential businesses were closed, due to the stay-at-home order given by Governor Mike Parson last month.

Essential businesses, such as Holden Family Care, have had to make changes in their procedures and how they serve and protect the community.

Owned and operated by Dorothy Adams, APRN-BC, CDE, Holden Family Care reports many changes in the last few weeks, but according to Adams, they continue to serve patients’ needs in a safe and caring environment.

Adams is a nurse practitioner and APRN-BC stands for Advance Practice Registered Nurse-Board Certified. CDE, refers to Certified Diabetic Education, so she is well qualified to treat a variety of patients and conditions.

Adams is also a former emergency room nurse and has been trained in isolation and sanitation procedures.

“We have been able to adapt to the changes needed, and training has been provided for my staff,” said Adams. “Also fortunate is that we have been able to access adequate personal protection equipment.”

She reports a decline in numbers of patients they have seen in the last month. Adams wants to reassure the public that Holden Family Care is taking all necessary precautions to keep patients and staff as safe and protected as possible.

Patients’ number one concern is their safety during a visit to a medical facility, according to Adams.

“Every day, we have the opportunity to explain to our patients how we are conducting our business safely, while using masks and practicing social distancing,” she explained. “There is no waiting in the waiting room, all patients are taken back to a room immediately.”

She went on to say that sanitation of each room occurs immediately after a patient leaves, and all staff members have their temperature taken twice daily.

Since the coronavirus is so contagious, Adams said all patients who have a fever or cough are instructed to wait in the parking lot where their temperatures will be taken and COVID-19 questions are asked.

“If certain criteria are met, I can order a COVID test at Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC),” she said.

“Patients are then instructed to go to the tent outside the hospital anytime Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“The WMMC staff will do influenza and strep throat testing and if those are negative, patients will be COVID tested.”

Adams and her professional staff want patients to understand that Holden Family Care is a safe environment and they can feel at ease visiting and getting their medical needs addressed.

“I believe once people see how we are conducting business, they will have confidence in feeling safe visiting,” she added.

Holden Family Care continues to see patients for all the regular healthcare visits – well child, chronic health care, acute care needs, and Medicare wellness exams.

“All of these can be done safely here and should continue for the ongoing well-being of each individual,” Adams said.

With the historic deadly pandemic spreading throughout our country, anxiety and depression are on the rise among residents.

Adams said she has seen an increase in these types of visits. “These are opportunities to allow patients to get answers to their questions, to vent, to talk about strategies to address their issues, and sometimes I prescribe medication that can be helpful,” she explained.

Since the coronavirus is on everyone’s mind during this unprecedented time in our world, Adams offers strategies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, which include frequent hand-washing, wearing masks in congested areas, practice six-foot social distancing, drink plenty of water, get some fresh air and exercise/walk 20-30 minutes daily, and finally, get plenty of sleep.

Adams went on to offer the following recommendations: If you are feeling sick – stay home, don’t go out in public. If you have a fever 100.4 or greater, isolate away from others. If you develop a cough with shortness of breath, lose the ability to taste or smell, call Holden Family Care.

She also educates people on the coronavirus and offers these facts: the symptoms onset of COVID-19 can be delayed five to 14 days.

Most people will either not experience any symptoms or mild to moderate flu-like symptoms, which include body aches, headaches, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and diarrhea.

During this frightening time in our lives it’s nice to know we can visit or call Dorothy and her knowledgeable staff to answer questions or get checked out.

Holden Family Care is located at 612 E. 10th St. in Holden, and their phone number is 732-6010.

They welcome your questions and concerns. “Holden Family Care is proud to serve our community!” Adams said.

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