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Parks-Storm Water Sales Tax Discussed by Parks & Rec.

The Holden Parks & Recreation Board discussed the upcoming ballot issue of the continuation of the parks sales tax measure, at its regular September meeting.

The local parks/city storm water issue will be proposed to voters on the April 2022 ballot.

Parks & Rec discussed the language/verbiage to be used on the ballot.

Mayor Liz Weeks was in attendance at the meeting and said she would check with the city attorney to see if the ballot language was complete.

In personnel business, Member Andrew Wakeman discussed the Park Board’s need to hire a part-time employee, if the sales tax measure passes in April.

Wakeman explained the person hired would work an average of 10 hours a week.

Responsibilities would include – park maintenance, grant writing, public relations, calendar management, etc.

He went on to say this is being mentioned at this time so Park Board members can consider this suggestion over the next few months.

Clarification was given, stating that the Park Board cannot do the hiring, that is done by the mayor.

However, the Park Board can hold interviews and make a recommendation for hiring someone.

In calendar news, the board discussed upcoming events at the park for the remainder of 2021.

At the time of the meeting, plans were still in the works for the Pumpkins in the Park event, which was held October 23, and it was mentioned the Holden PTO volunteered to help with the event.

In other future park events, the board discussed the upcoming Christmas in the Park event, with a kick-off date of December 11.

Displays will be welcome in the park from November 20 throughout the Christmas season.

Member Rhonda Wakeman presented options for various displays and said they could be added to each year.

Member Katey Summer motioned to amend the initial budget for displays to $2,499.

After a second to the motion, the board voted to approve.

Santa will be attending the kick-off event on December 11, and Katey will verify that he is confirmed for that day.

Rhonda volunteered to send out flyers to local businesses and organizations.

All local businesses, churches and organizations are welcome and encouraged to join in displaying holiday greetings to the community through the Christmas in the Park event.

In other park news, it was reported the Holden Street Department paved the back parking lot and area by the restrooms at the city park.

Members were told it would probably be spring or summer of 2022 before the remaining parking lot gets repaved.

The Park Board will need to purchase speed bumps at that time.

The group also discussed the fact that the 4-H/FFA barn and fencing are in need of attention.

It was decided to keep the fencing painted, but not put a lot of money into them since they haven’t been used for livestock for years.

In a Saddle Club agreement update, members discussed the recent rodeo/bull riding event held at the city park arena.

The rodeo and the concessions are sponsored by two different groups.

It was reported that this year trash was not cleaned up and trash cans were not emptied or returned to where they belong.

The rodeo crew helped clean up the next day; the concession group didn’t carry through with their responsibilities.

No one from the Park Board is certain who that group was.

They just know it was a softball group. It was decided going forward, that both groups will need to sign the Park Use Agreement.

In other business, Member David Anstine explained that he would like to use the brush pile at the park to have a flag retirement ceremony with the Boy/Cub Scouts.

The plan would be to do this on Veteran’s Day (November 11).

In other park business, city council liaison Jeremy Knox suggested installing restrooms at the park, using the center area of the barns. “This would allow us to have the portable restrooms removed,” Knox explained. “The cost of the portable ones is $90/month as of October 2021. “The budget used to pay for the portable restrooms would pay for the installation of restrooms in a few years.”

Knox is to research the project and get more concrete information and report back to the board.

In new business, Member Naomi Chastain requested that the corner of 3rd Street and Main Street, near City Hall, be made into a Desert Storm Veteran Memorial Park.

Members were told if it is changed to a park, the Park Board would take over the maintenance and upkeep of this area.

The issue was tabled for further discussion at a later date. Members voted to adjourn the September meeting and will reconvene October 28.

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