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R-I Students Resume Classes Aug. 24

The Kingsville School District has been working hard to prepare for the opening of the 2020-2021 school year this month.

As of this writing, the first day of school is set for Monday, August 24. That could change depending on COVID regulations and protocal.

“We are committed to providing a quality education to all students, while also ensuring the safety of the students and staff,” said Jay Fleeman, R-I principal.

“Committees of administration, parents, teachers, and board members have worked to create what we feel is a good framework for opening the school.”

The COVID-19 school guidelines below follow local, state and federal guidelines, to the greatest extent feasible, and incorporate many practices advocated by school associations and groups.

“We want everything to go well – kids learning, teachers and staff educating students, and parents being able to go back to work to provide for their families,” added Fleeman.

“As we work through this plan, we may need to make changes as we are constantly getting safety tips and recommendations from local, state and federal experts on how we can open the school as safely as possible.”

Throughout the summer the district has made physical changes to the school building. As in the past, you will need to ring the buzzer to be given access to the building.

Once you are granted access into the building you will notice a window in the entry. The office is now located in this area. You will be allowed to sign your child in and out from this area.

Other changes that have been and are continuing to be made are touchless sinks, toilets, paper towel, and soap dispensers. They are also planning to place touchless hand sanitizer dispensers in each classroom.

The district has purchased five additional water bottle filling stations. However, the mouthpiece will be shut off to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Students will be asked to bring their own water bottle from home to use at school. Students who do not have a water bottle will be provided one by the district.

Based on the needs and concerns of everyone in the district, parents and students will be able to choose their educational format from one of the options below:

*Online Format – Once a student is registered for online learning this must continue for the entire fall semester.

*In-Person Format – This is the traditional format where students will come to school and learn in a face-to-face environment with their teachers and peers.

Students would switch to virtual learning only if the student were required to self-isolate or quarantine due to health concerns or if the district is forced to close.

Since the August 7 enrollment window has closed, enrollment will be determined on an individual basis and must be approved by district administration.

Students who are enrolled in the online format will remain in that placement for the entire semester, and/or until that course is completed.

The Kingsville R-I School District may fully close, partially close, or change status at any time due to the health status of our community or region.

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